Darkness has had its way with the vulnerable people living in the world of Nox Lucem. Fear is a powerful force. When light retreats, imaginations run wild... you might see shapes in the darkness... shadows in the night. Over the years, people have banded together to survive. Technology, history, and trust have been lost in the winds of time. Humanity has forgotten. Methods of agricultural development, surveying, fire-making and more have changed. Knowledge of these things are valuable and passed down as secrets from generation to generation... or lost with the death of a leader.

There is much to be learned in the world, many things ready to be documented and discovered, but the dangers of night prevent many from exploring… for if you leave the tribe you may not return. Ancient relics, the subject of many religious myths and stories, lure many to  embark on a journey to search. Few survive. Tribes can vary in size: some are quite small, the size of one family. Others are large communities that have banded together through the ages. Some tribes are devastating... opting to pillage, consume and take by force... war parties that roam the land intent on destruction. Some tribes have retained or learned the ability to make fire, now seen as magic to some. Most tribes hunt animal prey to survive.... some resort to cannibalism or other insidious methods. Additionally, there are tribes of religious sects, people who worship beasts, dark mysticism, the light or agriculture.



Every life is important, each person has a role to support, protect or aid the tribe. These positions, some menial and other's sacred, are fulfilled by normal children and adults, lost souls, born and raised in the darkness. Traditionally, stories are told by men and women to distract children from the terrors of reality. Songs are also sang, when it is safe to do so. Attraction in tribal society is influenced by quality of voice, textures of clothing and utility or protection for a potential partner. There are some people that have never seen a light. No fire, stars or glowing. These people live in the darkest caves, further away from tribal society. Many of these people have gone blind or stitched their eyes to avoid the strain. They often become beasts. Children in the land of ceaseless night develop unique calls with their mothers and fathers in case they are separated from their parents or guardians. For fun, children enjoy creating stories, playing games and fabricating costumes, clothing and items for the tribe.

The night is cold. If fire has been lost, warmth must be found in other ways. Mud and water heated by geothermic energy can be found in some places and has saved several lives. If a tribe has claimed prisoners or slaves, they are forced to huddle on the outside of a group for warmth when a storm is raging and shelter cannot be found. It is a certain death.



Tribal society demands a leader. Chieftains are selected differently depending on the size and type of tribe. Some are randomly selected from the pool of available candidates... others are forced or able to be volunteered. Chieftains are the shepherds of their people. They train to have a loud voice capable of calling the members of their tribe in the darkness. Their purpose is to protect them from danger: spirits, disaster, war parties, beasts and more. It is the duty of the chieftain to sacrifice his or her life if necessary to save the tribe and its people. To become a chieftain is a great honor. They are revered. Once chosen, they are gifted warm blankets, fine clothing, and tribal secrets. No two chieftains are the same. They can be children or elderly. In some unfortunate cases, the role of chieftain may change frequently.

The body of the chief may pass but the spirit of the tribe lives on.



When light left the world, man was thrust into darkness. The mysteries of existence and the struggles of mankind have given rise to legends, myths and religions. You will find that some worship the creatures and beasts of the darkness. Some believe in the power of the souls of their ancestors trapped in the form of ancient beasts and behemoths. There are others that hold onto hope that one day light will return to the world... but there aren’t many left. Many ancient religions have developed followings described in tribal myth. One such group is called the illuminated council. Legend says that these men and women protect the last embers of light that exist in the land of ceaseless night. There are also people who choose to accept the darkness and it’s vile magic. They serve the night. There are many faiths but the most dangerous belief is held by several war parties... filled with warriors who believe in the power of the black star: a false light.

There are several religious roles in tribal society. Witch doctors are known for their unorthodox surgical methods and ability to  heal and affect the mind. Shamans are focused on remedies, cures and apothecary. Both are spiritual guides for their tribes and have knowledge of oral histories, local legends, and powerful relics forgotten by most through time. Most are aware of the existence of the eye that can pierce the darkness... a relic long lost but extremely powerful.



Tribal society requires individuals ready to defend and scout for danger. Some tribes, corrupted by greed, lust, hunger and magic, train to be on the offensive… devastating peaceful tribes, families and ways of life. Some have been known to lay waste to entire groups and villages... claiming prisoners and consuming everything in their wake as a plague. Most tribes have a group of warrior-defenders ready to protect them against beasts, spirits, war tribes and more. Defenders pride themselves on their stealth... choosing to focus on covert movements and advanced hearing or sensory detection. Some have evolved over time... passing down traits to their descendants. Warriors are known for their deformities and scars as a result of the brutal conditions of their role. Champions in war tribes wear bells and noisemakers to draw attention to themselves in the night. This makes it easier for defenders to hear them... creating a challenge for the attacker while instilling fear in their hearts.



It is important to keep the members of your tribe well feed. Hunters are experts at setting traps, gathering food and slaying beasts. They have, through time, learned creature calls, developed camouflage, and discovered methods of luring prey. Some hunters, in more unscrupulous groups, choose to hunt men and nomads instead of beasts and creatures. Hunters also search for edible vegetation, study prime locations and track animal movements. Depending on the tribe, food will be eaten raw or cooked if the knowledge of fire has been retained or discovered.



When a tribe is consumed by a war party, the survivors and prisoners are marked and disfigured to be used as objects. All survivors are given the chance to join the war party, drop any allegiance or faith and serve the black star. If a person refuses, they are thrown into a life of servitude. Some escape, scarred and broken, becoming nomads and outcasts. Most live short lives and die alone in the wasteland.