This membership is for my die-hard supporters, lovers of horror, patrons of the arts and generous denizens of the dark. 

I've received numerous comments, too many to count, from people saying that I should write a comic, develop a board or card game, compile role-playing assets, release a book, and more... I've been working on projects behind the scenes but would like to expedite things... in order to do this I need your help.

You want projects, that's clear, but it takes time and each month I have to hustle to do commissions and sell prints or originals. I would like to shift my focus to larger, more involved projects. You can make it happen.

NO platforms or websites to manage, NO app to download and use. NO physical rewards to manage. NO shipping to track. NO hassle and NO work on your end.

What I will offer to you is information and occasional digital rewards. I'll send you, via email, special codes for my stores, secret details on upcoming projects and progress updates every once in awhile.

I'm not going to make it needlessly complicated. Monthly payments support me, my work and future projects. 

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